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Wednesday, 5th of November 2014
Hero in the Ocean 2
Check out the world under the sea in this relaxing physics puzzler, the second in what should become an excellent series.

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Tuesday, 4th of November 2014
Dash Dash
Escape the monster in this run and upgrade game!
Monday, 3rd of November 2014
Jelly Truck
The wiggliest racing game ever! Traverse a squishy landscape in this physics based driving game.
Sunday, 2nd of November 2014
Rise of the Titans 2
Cause a whole lot of destruction... again!
Saturday, 1st of November 2014
Connect planets to save the universe!
Friday, 31st of October 2014
El Papel
Help Juan -El Macho- Hernandez to recover the precious toilet paper that his evil enemy stole in this bizarre Mexican puzzle!
Thursday, 30th of October 2014
Addicting zombie slasher with various enemies, weapons and levels!
Wednesday, 29th of October 2014
Demons Down Under
In this action RPG shooter, play as a hero bunny that slay demons as he goes deeper and deeper into the depths of hell!
Tuesday, 28th of October 2014
There can only be one! One colour that is, combine and remove colours in this zen puzzle.
Monday, 27th of October 2014
Mr Vengeance
Mr. Vengeance is back and this time shooting zombies!
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